County to pave 34 miles of road

Roadwork. The $10.8 million project includes roads in Vernon Township, Hopatcong, Byram, and Sparta.

| 17 Aug 2021 | 11:21

The Sussex County Commissioners on Aug. 11 awarded a contract for nearly $10.8 million to Riverview Paving for the county resurfacing program.

Overall, the county received seven bids for the project, which includes the milling and paving of about 34 miles of county road.

The project includes four roads in Vernon Township, including Vernon-Stockholm Road for more than 8.5 miles from Route 23 to Route 94, more than 2 miles of Grant Price Road from Route 94 to the New York State border, about two miles of Highland Lake Road from County Highway 515 to Breakneck Road and Drew Road from County Highway 517 to 565.

It also includes nearly 5.5 miles of road in Hopatcong, Byram and Sparta on old Stanhope Road, stretching from County Highway 607 to Route 11, and 3 miles of Sparta Munsons Corner Road from the Ogdensburg border into Franklin to Route 23.

The project also covers nearly four miles of Lake Mohawk East Shore Trail in Byram and Sparta, from Country Route 671 to Route 181.

The county engineer estimated the cost of the project to be nearly $11 million, and Riverview’s Bid came in 2.48 percent under the estimate.

County Administrator Gregory Poff, IV said almost 75 percent of the contract will be paid through grants.

“That is excellent that the county received just shy of $8 million for that resurfacing and will go a long way to continue to make an investment in the county’s transportation infrastructure,” Poff said.