Covid’s second wave: Which local towns are faring best and worst?

Sussex County. Andover Borough, Ogdensburg, and Newton have the highest per-capita rates of new coronavirus infections since Sept. 1. Sussex and Franklin are faring the best, by far, with relatively low new rates. Gov. Murphy to announce new statewide restrictions.

| 09 Nov 2020 | 02:11

Most of the new cases of coronavirus in Sussex County — cases reported by the county health department from Sept. 1 through Nov. 6 — are concentrated in Sparta and Vernon. This is not surprising, since they are the two most populous towns in the county. However, Vernon, which has more people than Sparta, has a lower per-capita rate of infection: there is one case for every 278 people in Vernon, as opposed to one case for every 173 people in Sparta.

Andover Borough, which is the smallest municipality by population, had the highest rate of infection from Sept. 1 to Nov. 6, with one case reported for every 121 residents. Ogdensburg and Newton also have high infection rates, with one case for every 154 and 157 residents, respectively, during that time period.

Sussex Borough is by far faring the best during this second wave, with one new case per 1,065 people, followed closely by Franklin, with one new case for every 1,009 people. (See list below for the full list.)

After a summer lull that reached its lowest point at the end of June, cases in Sussex County really started to soar in early-to-mid September. October and November saw single-day numbers not reported in Sussex County since April, at the height of the pandemic.

Cases are surging across New Jersey as well as across the country. In an appearance on CNBC on Monday morning, Gov. Phil Murphy CNBC said he was likely to impose some new coronavirus restrictions, although they won’t be as strict as those imposed in the spring. He said restaurants, bars, and indoor high school sports tournaments were contributing to the increase, along with private gatherings. (Check back for updates.)

”A second wave is here. This is our reality,” Murphy tweeted on Monday afternoon. “We must redouble our efforts and recommit to the practices that have gotten us this far – social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing our masks.”

Here follows a list of Sussex County municipalities, from highest per-capita rates of infection to lowest:

● Andover Borough: one new case for every 121 residents (5 new cases)

● Ogdensburg: one new case for every 154 residents (13 new cases)

● Newton: one new case for every 157 residents (51 new cases)

● Sparta: one new case for every 173 residents (114 new cases)

● Fredon: one new case for every 191 residents (18 new cases)

● Branchville: one new case for every 210 residents (4 new cases)

● Sandyston: one new case for every 222 residents (9 new cases)

● Byram: one new case for every 239 residents (35 new cases)

● Hardyston: one new case for every 257 residents (32 new cases)

● Hamburg: one new case for every 273 residents (12 new cases)

● Vernon: one new case for every 278 residents (86 new cases)

● Hopatcong: one new case for every 286 residents (53 new cases)

● Green: one new case for every 360 residents (10 new cases)

● Stillwater: one new case for every 372 residents (11 new cases)

● Andover Township: one new case for every 395 residents (16 new cases)

● Stanhope: one new case for every 401 residents (9 new cases)

● Wantage: one new case for every 454 residents (25 new cases)

● Montague: one new case for every 550 residents (7 new cases)

● Hampton: one new case for every 577 residents (9 new cases)

● Frankford: one new case for every 618 residents (9 new cases)

● Lafayette: one new case for every 635 residents (4 new cases)

● Franklin: one new case for every 1,009 residents (5 new cases)

● Sussex: one new case for every 1,065 residents (2 new cases)