Dog finds his way home to Maryland

FRANKLIN. Police and Good Samaritans use a tracking chip and social media to help reunite a pup and his owner.

| 27 Mar 2023 | 01:54

Thanks to some Good Samaritans and great sleuthing by Rich and Sherianne Pasiut, owners of Dane Motors, as well as the police, a dog named Savage is back with his owner.

A few weeks ago, some folks saw a dog running along Route 23 near Dane Motors in Franklin.

The business’ logo bears a rendition of the owners’ dog, Dane, so they went in to see if the dog belonged to them.

It didn’t, but as dog lovers, the Pasiuts wanted to do all they could to find its owner.

Sherianne posted photos of the pup on their joint Facebook page, while the people who had brought him to Dane Motors took him to the police.

While the search for the owner was under way, the Pasiuts offered to pay the dog’s expenses. Other businesses, including Brick & Brew and The Vapor Room, pitched in as well.

“Turns out the dog had a tracking chip in him, and the police tracked him to Baltimore,” Sherianne said. “We also found the owner on Facebook, and arrangements were made for them to come and retrieve the dog we learned is named Savage.”

The owner is Coqunetay Glenn, who goes by Q.

“He got out of the house when the door was open and was in the front yard or back yard and normally would do ‘his thing’ and come back scratching at the door or barking,” Q said. “My grandmother noticed he wasn’t anywhere. When I got home from work that night, she said that Savage had gotten out and never returned. This time was different.”

Two weeks before, the dog had gotten out and had been picked up by an animal shelter. Q had been contacted and had decided to have him micro-chipped and neutered.

“This time, months went by and I called all over, but no one knew what had happened to Savage,” he said. “We were convinced that someone had stolen him.”

The family had nearly given up hope when they heard that he was found in New Jersey.

“I can’t say enough thankyous to everyone who was involved,” Q said. “We’re just so glad he’s home.”

“We’re just so glad we could help,” Sherianne Pasiut said.