Smartphone use in class riles High Point High School teachers

Students are reportedly using phones to record videos and interact on social media, disrupting class instruction.

| 30 May 2022 | 01:30

High Point Regional High School teachers are concerned about student cell phone use during class.

High Point Education Association President Carla Mancuso expressed concern on May 23 to the Board of Education about students using their smartphones to record videos during class and use of social media apps.

She said it was a safety concern.

“We need the support of [the board],” Mancuso said. “It’s hard to juggle when your back is turned and you’re teaching and everybody has their stuff, and they’re ticked off because they can’t get services and that’s when they go out in the hallway.”

Superintendent Scott Ripley said there was an agreed upon system with the staff and administration that when students entered a classroom, they would put their cell phones in a shoe bag if they weren’t needed for direct instruction or for formative assessment.

“The degree to which it is adhered to is another [issue],” Ripley said.

Enforcement, he said, was the responsibility of the classroom teacher.

“I would like to say that cell phones and devices are challenges for administration and teachers and something with which I did not have to contend with when I was a classroom teacher because they had not reached that level,” Ripley said. “I acknowledge that it is a challenge.”

Board of Education President Wayne Dunn said the school board is able to set policy recommendations from the superintendent.

“We’re always looking at ways to get better, and get a better environment for staff and students and everybody,” he said. “So, I guess as much as we can, we won’t do things that we are legally not able to do, but certainly communication should be a two-way street on something like this.”