The Tracks Deli awarded plaque at Vernon council meeting

VERNON. The owners served over 15,000 meals free of charge or at a reduced rate by working with other local businesses.

| 15 Jul 2022 | 08:45

Vernon Council President Patrick Rizzuto announced at the July 11 meeting that the council was pleased to present The Tracks Deli owners — Scott Jahnke and the late Kevin Mitchell’s son, Patrick Mitchell — with a plaque for their contributions to the community.

Rizzuto said that he heard the deli termed as “The Hometown Deli,” and the “Deli of Vernon.” Rizzuto went on to tell the council and attendees that the owners “have given so much to the community that we thought it only right that they be recognized, and their business be recognized for the efforts and the work that they have done, and what they have given back to the people of Vernon.”

Councilman Brian Lynch and Vice President Natalie Buccieri awarded The Tracks Deli owners with the appreciation award from Vernon Township. Councilman Lynch told all in attendance that he spoke to Jahnke before the meeting, and said that if you knew Kevin, he mirrors Scott, and Scott did not want to be here tonight. He is not the type of person that stands around waiting for accolades when he does something right.”

Lynch explained that The Tracks Deli served over 15,000 meals free of charge or at a reduced rate by gathering all of the businesses in Vernon together to help feed the people of Vernon. “This is what a community does. [We] take care of ourselves,” Lynch said and mentioned that Jahnke had become one of his closest friends. Lynch went on to say that this is not a one-time thing with Jahnke and Mitchell.

“When the chips are down these guys are going to step up. They might not remember what you said, they might not remember what you did, but they are gonna [sic] remember how you made them feel, that’s what Maya Angelou said, and I agree with her,” Councilman Lynch said.

Buccieri shared with Lynch, Jahnke and Mitchell, and all in attendance, that she’s heard from so many people in the community about all the wonderful things and “how you impacted lives by being so caring to those especially during COVID, so it’s definitely proud to have a business like the Tracks Deli in our town.”

Councilman Lynch explained that one of the owners, Kevin Mitchell, unfortunately passed away in May of this year. Lynch jokingly said that he knew Kevin and he wouldn’t have wanted to be at the meeting for the award either.

The plaque reads: “On behalf of Vernon Township in grateful appreciation for your gracious generosity during the recent pandemic for your efforts, you provided more than 15,000 meals to the sick and aged members of our community. Your kindness helped those in need during a national crisis. The Vernon Township recognizes you for stepping up at a time when you were needed the most. Thank you, Vernon hometown deli ‘The Tracks.’”

Tracks Deli is located at 65 Vernon Crossings Road in Vernon, N.J.