Vernon Township Council race: two candidates for one seat

VERNON: Early voting runs from October 29 through November 6, with election day on November 8.

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| 14 Oct 2022 | 04:28

There is one open seat up for grabs on the Vernon Township Council, and this election voters will have two candidates to choose from: Mike Furrey, who’s running on the “I Like Mike” platform, and Bradley Sparta, who’s running on the “A Return to Normalcy and Sensibility” platform.

Bradley Sparta

I served on the Vernon Township Board of Education for eight+ years. I have deep family roots in Vernon and have a strong desire to serve and give back to our town.

I would like to bring spending under control and find ways to increase our revenue stream for the town. Working with other council members to find ways to increase services to our community with very little tax impact.

Vernon is very heavily impacted by the Highlands Act and we need to find ways to maximize the land that is already developed in town.

We need to find a way to reduce the burden on the users of the sewer system without it affecting the rest of the community in a negative way.

I would like to find a way to have the council members find common ground and work together and the same between the mayor and council. It is time that we work together and find solutions that work for the town and our community members. We have an incredibly beautiful town and it is a fabulous place to live and raise a family. I would like to be a part of making it even better.

Mike Furrey

Michael Furrey will [allow] everyone to participate remotely in council meetings and stop efforts to silence the public. He will continue the development of all cannabis businesses to help lower or stabilize taxes. He will request that a joint council/Vernon Township Municipal Utility Authority (VTMUA) meeting be held to address all these issues, working hand and hand for the good of all Vernon. Bankruptcy will move the burden to all taxpayers.

Continue expanding water and sewer services in the town center. For the SCUMUA service contract only pay a fair share while maintaining paying bond payment that conforms to state law and is equitable for Vernon. Oppose any SCMUA rate increases and continue with current lawsuit. Finalize SSA and expand sewer service paying for it through NJDEP State Revolving Funding. Continue to improve infrastructure using the state funding sources. Oppose any effort to bankrupt the VTMUA. Consider only paying the share of the service contract obligation to help stabilize rates and meet future debt obligations.

He will continue to work with the council to pass business friendly laws to allow for sustainable development. He will work to make sure the township has a plan to maintain roads a service due to the taxpayers. Work with council to change cannabis ordinance to generate revenue source for road improvement. He will work with local business owners on expanding this trail and other greenway opportunities through cost-effective development. Continue to work with Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Resorts [on] trail system. On Legends: Continue to work on studying condemnation and rid the township of this eyesore. Also, continue to make every business [pay] their fair share of taxes and make efforts to reduce the impact of non-payment of taxes. Continue to work on cleanup efforts at Silver Spruce property, never using taxpayer’s money.