Vernon School Board announces new high school principal

Pauline Anderson, the previous principal, will move to Rolling Hills Primary School on Sept. 1.

| 13 Jun 2022 | 01:56

The Vernon Township School District Board of Education on June 9 unanimously approved the appointment of Lindsay Leduc as the new Vernon Township High School principal.

Leduc, formally the High Point Regional High School assistant principal, will begin her new position on July 11, having been released early by High Point Superintendent Scott Ripley.

Vernon Superintendent Karen D’Avino said she got word of Leduc’s release on June 9. Leduc will be paid a prorated annual salary of $145,000.

She will replace Vernon Township High School Principal Pauline Anderson, who will take over as principal of Rolling Hills Primary School on Sept. 1.

D’Avino said there were 20 applicants for the position and seven candidates were selected for interviews, although one declined. Leduc was one of three finalists. Board of Education President Kelly Mitchell and school board member Justin Annunziata were present for the interviews. D’Avino also sought early input from faculty and students.

“I wanted the faculty at the high school to feel that I wanted to this be really thorough and for everybody to have ownership in the process,” D’Avino said.

Annunziata said the process was very thorough and D’Avino put together a great team.

“it was challenging, at times, because as board members, we can only observe, so we sat through about 15 hours of interviews and had to keep our mouths shut entire time,” Annunziata said. “I’ve never been that quiet.”