Beautiful new park

| 21 Oct 2022 | 02:15

    Sussex County has a beautiful new park! It sits with a beautiful and scenic background, with rolling hills and Mt Adam and Eve to the north. If you ski, it’s very similar to the view at the top of Great Northern. There is a track for young kids to ride their bike or scooter. For older kids and adults is a more advanced track.

    There’s a beautiful woodland walking trail with a backdrop of rolling hills. Somewhere people of all ages can enjoy. A place to take babies out on their stroller, somewhere for couples to take a walk, and old friends to enjoy a walk and get some sun as the days get short. There is also a sitting area with picnic tables to take in the sights.

    The new pump track and park in Vernon NJ is worth checking out (Rt 94 behind the H/H strip mall).

    Something adding value to the township of Vernon and their homes. An investment into our community that I can see first hand will pay dividends. I went at 4:45 pm Tuesday and the parking lot was full, and the track was filled with adults and children alike. On bikes and scooters, smiling ear to ear. I’d like to thank everyone that made this part of our beautiful town.

    Richard B Thompson II