Cancelling children’s event as ‘low as you can go’

| 10 May 2022 | 11:43

    I would also like to thank Mrs. Gorman for her letter to the editor surrounding the recent actions of Sussex Aviation against the children of Wantage and Sussex Boro. We need more people like her to alert us to those individuals who make bad choices that negatively impact the quality of life of our community. The act of cancelling an Easter Egg hunt, which only targets children, is in my opinion as low as you can go to try and make a point. Of course in Mr. Antaki’s response to Mrs. Gorman he explains his justification. It surrounds lawsuits, wild drag races down the runway of the airport, Wantage Township not doing their job, his claim to not receiving FAA safety grants monies and on and on. We get it Mr. Antaki, it’s not your fault you cancelled your Easter Egg hunt, it’s everyone else’s fault. And as for Mr. Antaki’s allegations against the Township and staff, the truth is very simple, Mr. Antaki would prefer that the Township and it’s taxpayers foot the bill for his dispute with his neighbor. And those FAA grant monies – I personally have asked Mr. Antaki to provide the grant denial documentation to the Township so the Township could better understand the details of his claimed denial in an effort to help the Sussex Airport remain viable. In fact the Township has been asking for proof of this claim for six years. But let’s not lose track of the core issue here – the Easter Egg hunt. Well, don’t worry boys and girls, Wantage Township annually hosts their own Easter Egg hunt in Woodbourne Park and you and your family are invited to join in the fun. This year’s event saw its’ largest turnout ever and over 5,000 eggs were quickly found by children of all ages. Some even stayed for a photo op with the Easter Bunny himself. Thanks again, Mrs. Gorman for drawing our attention to this matter and allowing us to stay informed to those who might choose a similar path. As a note, I am writing this response as an individual and not an elected official of Wantage Township.

    Ron Bassani