I would like to request some more research from that lady from Sparta

| 29 Nov 2021 | 05:14

    To the Editor:

    I would like to request some more research from that lady from Sparta on those “vaccine questions” she answered. While her amount of research is impressive, several of her answers seem to have fallen a little flat. I’d like to start with #4: “Why are pharmaceutical companies not liable for injuries.” Her answer, “In exchange we have given them immunity as kind of an incentive.”

    To be Devil’s advocate I will use a hypothetical situation to take politics and emotion out of it to illustrate. Let’s say I manufacture rubber for bungee jumping, and I have lobbied (greasing a lot of palms) the state to require any kid that goes to school to bungee jump at least once a year. The kids don’t seem to mind it, so it goes on like that for years, the kids having to bungee jump more and more times a year to make the requirement. It is fairly safe but if they do get hurt, too bad; you are not allowed to sue me, you have to get your money from a taxpayer funded “National Bungee Jumping Injury Compensation Fund” where the taxpayers give you “x” amount of dollars for your whatever type injury or death, provided you can prove it, of course, way beyond a reasonable doubt. What a great deal for me!

    Now, to make production faster and easier, I radically change the chemical formula for making the rubber bungees and decide to test it out on the entire populace at once with impunity, the state now mandating everyone (young and old alike) to bungee jump, or you will lose your job, be expelled from school or whatever sanctions that can be implemented. Will the new rubber formula hold out? Who knows? We’re doing it anyway. You have no choice in the matter. Oh, another component, anyone that talks against it or points out the obvious should be silenced.

    Does any of this sound like a good idea? Yes yes you will say bungee is not a vaccine blah blah blah, but the situation that is happening with this mRNA vaccine is exactly the same. To quote the Wikipedia page on mRNA, “Before 2020, NO mRNA technology platform (drug or vaccine) had been authorized for use in humans..”. This is the FIRST one, it is not at all like injecting dead polio virus. Now we are mandating everyone to take the vaccine, regardless of their Covid morbidity risk, talk about placing all your eggs in one basket. I tried to look up Sparta’s lady’s research about the safety of the vaccine, without much luck. It would have to be the same information that group of scientists are petitioning the FDA through a FOIA request Reuters reported on last week.

    Oh wait, the FDA said the info won’t be available until 2076, so I hope she has a lot of patience. Maybe Sparta lady knows of some other mRNA vaccines that have a track record we can look at that Wikipedia didn’t know about? Please enlighten us.

    I won’t go into the other answers that were glossed over like #2 and #7 and I will not bore the reader with a ten page thesis on what psychologists call “mass formation” and how it applies to Covid. Nor will I go on about statistical arguments about how Covid is not Spanish flu, or smallpox, or polio, or how the average death age of Covid is the same as the average lifespan of a human, as the Viewpoints section of the paper has become utterly boring and unreadable in the past year.

    I work in manufacturing, I carry product liability insurance and I cannot and would not force my customers to buy my product. You are required to carry auto insurance as this lawsuit “immunity” you applaud certainly does not apply to you. Heaven help you if your dog bites someone, you can get sued to high heaven. All those are voluntary, the idea that someone has the ability to forcibly harm you with impunity is nauseating. So, if Sparta lady somehow has that data from the FDA that will not be available for another 55 years, please share it. If you don’t have it yet, maybe one of your grandchildren can throw it on my tombstone in 2076.

    Alex Wronka