Time to vote Josh Gottheimer out of Congress

| 11 Apr 2022 | 02:08

    It is time this fall to vote and replace Josh Gottheimer with a different congressperson. Congressman Josh has had a hand in the biggest problems now facing us. Inflation is at a 40-year high thanks to the huge spending packages passed in the last 2 years, all supported and voted for by Congressman Gottheimer. He supports the green new deal which has led to massive regulations on oil and natural gas, leading to record high prices at the pump and also huge home heating costs. Many North Jersey seniors now sit in cold houses as heat costs are above their budget.

    It was interesting that the Advertiser-News published an article a few weeks ago that Congressman Gottheimer was calling on HHS to investigate the Andover Nursing Home covid deaths. Well, Congressman Josh, you are only about 2 years too late. Too late to save some lives but just late enough not to expose Governor Murphy’s deadly decisions before his re-election.

    We need a congressperson to represent us, not a political hack.

    Eric Space