Vernon council, school board resignations hurt township

Vernon /
| 13 Feb 2023 | 08:17

    Vernon Township is in a leadership crisis.

    In the past few months, eight different council members have been seated when there should have been five. There have been two recent resignations from the Board of Education. This lack of leadership continuity creates several downstream effects for our township – and none of them are positive.

    It absolves our leaders from being held accountable for their actions and answerable for their promises; here today, gone tomorrow. For the same reason, it reduces the need for transparency and openness in our meetings, eroding public trust. And it eliminates the dream of stability in leadership, the promise of institutional knowledge and the hope for consistency in day-to-day operations.

    Without an enduring governing body, our guarantee of the bedrock principles of democracy grows vulnerable. Eventually, it breaks.

    November may be eight months away, but it’s never too early to be thinking about who you want to represent your interests in Town Hall. Someone with years of experience as a practicing attorney, fighting to protect the rights of others. Someone with experience growing a business and managing teams at scale, with a long history of volunteerism. Someone who believes in good governance and seeks to foster an institution voters can look to with respect and understanding.

    November may be eight months away, but when the time comes, I hope that you’ll consider someone like that.

    Mark Heftler

    Highland Lakes

    Editor’s note: Mr. Heftler is running for a seat on the Township Council in November.