Glenwood Baptist Church volunteers help revitalize Vernon Senior Center

The volunteers helped clean up the concession stand and replace old chairs.

Vernon /
| 07 Jun 2022 | 11:45

The Glenwood Baptist Church, located on Route 565, in Glenwood, recently donated new chairs to the local senior center at 21 Church St., Vernon, to help replace the ones that have seen better days.

In an announcement, a representative of the senior center said, “This has now given our seniors peace of mind knowing that they have a safe and clean space to gather together. Not only did the church and its members secure the chair donation but they also cleaned and sanitized the inside of the concession stand at Maple Grange Park so it would be ready for the new sink and pizza oven to be installed.”

“We cannot thank Glenwood Baptist Church, its members and volunteers enough for their hard work, dedication and generosity, the concession stand will be open for business through this summer at Maple Grange Park.”